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Feature:defend your head during combat from bullet and concussive surprise waves from explosions. Bulletproof helmet with radio allows you get messages at the battlefield and stay connected.

Standard:level IIIA. Certificated bullet-evidence helmet. Indepman provides certificated take a look at report.

Tested in excellent Supervision and Inspection middle for unique production of China Ordnance gadget. Tested by means of commonplace preferred measurement tools, ballistic analytic system, Electro-balance. Shooted by means of 9mm Uzi sub-machine gun, 9mm Parabellum pistol cartridge.

The bullet-proof helmet is composed of the helmet shell, liner cushioning system, and a chinstrap retention machine. The helmet is prepared with aspect rail, skeleton shroud, and outside Velcro. The shell is product of 8.6mm aramid woven material(sprayed with the aid of polyurea elastomer outside and inside.

Materia:high first-rate helmets made of ballistic substances including Kevlar and aluminum alloy, which give progressed protection. Heat Sealed memory Sponge pads, lowering the impact of the pinnacle and bulletproof helmet.

Length:receive customized

Color:receive custom designed

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