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In our factory, we create custom-made products. We apply the x4 rule:
As a result, we get satisfied customers, professional bulletproof equipment and the best quality praised by international companies.

Our bulletproof vests, unlike regular clothing, must undergo stringent protection testing as required by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). Not all bulletproof vests are alike. Some protect against lead bullets at low velocity, and some protect against full metal jacketed bullets at high velocity. Vests are classified numerically from lowest to highest protection: I, II-A, II, and III-A, III, IV, and special case (those for which the customer specifies the protection needed). Each classification specifies which type of bullet at what velocity will not penetrate the vest. While it seems logical to choose the highest-rated vests (such as III or IV), such vests are heavy, and the needs of a person wearing one might deem a lighter vest more appropriate.
We know the realities of our clients in detail, and we are able to select and design equipment for the appropriate needs. Each product is carefully designed taking into account all customer comments, and then created for approval. Our catalog includes:
 Bulletproof helmets
 Bulletproof vests
 Tactical vests
 Ballistic plates
 Tactical backpacks
 Combat boots
 Knee and elbow protectors
 Masking nets
 Medical kite
 Military bags
 EOD coveralls
 Raw material
We can design and manufacture any product indicated by our customer. The product can be freely modified, personalized, changed to any material (e.g., kevlar 1000D, nylon 1000D), or given specific properties like ballistic damage reduction.
Our bulletproof equipment is an item of personal armor that helps absorb the impact from firearm-fired projectiles and shrapnel from explosions and is worn on the torso. Soft vests are made from many layers of woven or laminated fibers and can be capable of protecting the wearer from small-caliber handgun and shotgun projectiles and small fragments from explosives such as hand grenades. These textiles are commonly worn by police forces, private citizens who are at risk of being shot, security guards, and bodyguards, whereas hard-plate reinforced vests are mainly worn by combat soldiers, police tactical units, and hostage rescue teams. It is also called a safety textile. When a handgun bullet strikes body armor, it is caught in a “web” of very strong fibers. These fibers absorb and disperse the impact energy that is transmitted to the bulletproof vest from the bullet, causing the bullet to deform or “mushroom.” Additional energy is absorbed by each successive layer of material in bullet proof vests until such time as the bullet has been stopped. Because the fibers work together both in the individual layer and with other layers of material in the vest, a large area of the bullet proof vest becomes involved in preventing the bullet from penetrating. This also helps in dissipating the forces which can cause non penetrating injuries to internal organs.
To make Kevlar, the polymer poly-para-phenylene terephthalamide must first be produced in the laboratory. This is done through a process known as polymerization, which involves combining molecules into long chains. The resultant crystalline liquid with polymers in the shape of rods is then extruded through a spinneret (a small metal plate full of tiny holes that looks like a shower head) to form Kevlar yarn. The Kevlar fiber then passes through a cooling bath to help it harden. After being sprayed with water, the synthetic fiber is wound onto rolls. The Kevlar manufacturer then typically sends the fiber to throwsters, who twist the yarn to make it suitable for weaving. To make Kevlar cloth, the yarns are woven in the simplest pattern, plain or tabby weave, which is merely the over and under pattern of threads that interlace alternatively.

Advanced production technology, machinery equipment, a skillful manual production line, rich experience, and a high-quality technical cadre and administrative talent. All this is expected in the 21st century, and we meet all expectations, giving complete professionalism and commitment.

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