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Currently, over 600 employees, 32 production lines, several years of experience, and continuously expanding production facilities for new production halls create ideal conditions for creating, designing, testing, and manufacturing the most advanced military equipment.
We have all the suppliers that allow us to prepare any product, as well as the highest quality material, including Nylon 1000D, Cordura 1000D, Kevlar, or PE.


In 2010, Mr. Ke began making outdoor products business on his workshop. Initially, the factory was small, with only nine employees and three machines; the factory was only 120 square meters. However, outstanding commitment and dedication to production quickly brought the expected effect.
Over a decade of experience, as well as special instruction and knowledge of the industry, have allowed us to equip our staff with specialized machines for testing the quality of products, including a zipper strength tester, salt spray tester, knapsack shock tester, electric friction color fastness tester.
Creative designs, advanced facilities, strong production power, high-quality material, good stitching, and considerate service. Each implemented production module help to save the customer's time and fulfil the order as expected.
Above all, we value the privacy and trust of our clients; therefore, all projects are closely guarded and subject to stringent regulations to protect the client's right to produce the goods.


Our product range includes everything you could imagine regarding outdoor and military kits, from a wide variety of army surplus and bulletproof equipment, accessories, and combat uniforms to tactical and casual footwear, eyewear, and backpacks to professional combat gear and tactical supplies.
Moreover, the MilitaryArm surplus factories always ensure the highest customer service level and the fastest possible production.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding our products.

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