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  • 2023-03-24

    OW78 Boots: The Ultimate Combination of Durability and Comfort
    The OW78 boots are the ultimate combination of durability and comfort. These boots feature a first layer of genuine cow leather and Cordura fabric, along with a non-metal buckle for added toughness. The inner layer includes waterproof socks that are capable of static waterproofing for up to 6 hours and dynamic waterproofing for up to 30,000 times. The fiber midsole provides support and cushioning for the foot, while the outsole is made of a wear-resistant wet ice anti-slip rubber and EVA combination for traction on any surface. The COOLMAX fabric insole is not only high in elasticity and breathable but also deodorizing and movable for added comfort. The boots are available in wolf brown and black color options and come in sizes EURO 40 to 46, which corresponds to US sizes 7 to 13. With a range of high-quality materials, the OW78 boots are suitable for anyone who works in construction, farming, mining, or any other industry that requires a reliable and durable pair of boots.
  • 2023-03-15

    Shipping Options for Military Equipment from Guangzhou, China: A Guide to EXW, FOB, CIF, and DAB.
    This article is a comprehensive guide to the shipping options available for military equipment from Guangzhou, China. It covers the different shipping terms used in international trade, such as EXW, FOB, CIF, and DAB, and provides a detailed explanation of each one. The article also discusses the logistics involved in shipping military equipment, including the importance of timely communication and efficient shipping practices. In addition to discussing shipping options and logistics, the article highlights the quality and customization of the products offered by Guangzhou Alida Trading Co. Ltd. The company specializes in producing high-quality military equipment, including helmets, vests, gun bags, backpacks, and uniforms. The article emphasizes the company's commitment to using only the highest quality materials and production techniques and highlights their experience in producing optical equipment for the US market.
  • 2023-03-14

    Understanding Ballistic Protection: A Comparison of NIJ Standard in the USA and GOST Armor Standard in Russia from BR1 to BR6
    Body armor plays a vital role in protecting individuals from ballistic threats. The NIJ standard in the USA and the GOST standard in Russia are two widely recognized and used standards for body armor. This article provides a comparison of the protection levels offered by these standards, from low to high, ranging from Level I to Level IV in the NIJ standard and from BR1 to BR6 in the GOST standard. The article emphasizes the importance of choosing the appropriate level of protection for individuals and highlights the differences between the two standards. Understanding the protection levels of different standards is crucial in selecting effective body armor to protect against ballistic threats.
  • 2023-03-06

    Riflescope Optics: A Complete Guide to Types, Features, and Choosing the Right Optics for Your Needs
    This article provides a comprehensive guide to riflescope optics, including their types, features, production process, and how to choose the right riflescope for your shooting needs. Whether you're a novice shooter or an experienced hunter, understanding riflescope optics is essential to improving your shooting accuracy and enhancing your overall shooting experience. By delving into the different types of riflescope optics, their features, and the production process, you'll be better equipped to make an informed decision when selecting the right riflescope for your rifle.
  • 2023-02-09

    Design and Construction of Bulletproof Helmets: Materials, Features, and Customization
    Bulletproof helmets are a crucial protective gear for military personnel, law enforcement officers, and other individuals in high-risk occupations. The design and construction of these helmets are crucial to provide the necessary protection against ballistic threats while also ensuring comfort and functionality. Bulletproof helmets feature a hard outer shell made of advanced materials like aramid fibers, carbon fiber, or UHMW-PE, which can withstand impacts from high-powered weapons. Additionally, an inner layer of impact-absorbing foam provides cushioning to reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury. To maintain proper air circulation, strategically placed air vents are included in the design of these helmets. They also allow for customization with accessories such as face shields, communication devices, and night vision goggles. Overall, the design and construction of bulletproof helmets prioritize both protection and functionality to ensure that individuals in high-risk situation
  • 2023-09-25

    Powerful modern Bulletproof helmet
    In modern anti-terrorism, anti-hijacking, anti-riot, detection of major criminal cases, and other struggles against police and robbers, the police will face more and more injuries from criminals. The bulletproof helmet has become a must-have for criminal police, armed police, riot police, and other
  • 2023-09-21

    A brief history of bulletproof helmets
    Today's Bulletproof helmets serve a dual purpose, not only protecting the head area from bullets, blunt force impacts, and debris but also serving as a brace for additional gear.Here is the content list:A brief history of old bulletproof helmetsFrom steel bowls to Bulletproof helmets that stand up t
  • 2023-09-18

    Bulletproof helmet development and development route
    The modern Bulletproof helmet was developed during the First World War and it originated in France. The helmet at that time was only a metal shell and liner, and the casualty rate was reduced after the helmet was equipped with troops. After the war, Britain and Germany developed relatively complete
  • 2023-09-14

    Introduction and quality of bulletproof helmets
    A Bulletproof helmet is a helmet that protects your head from bullets. This is the necessary equipment for soldiers after going to the battlefield. Police even need this equipment to deter dangerous armed crooks while they work and maintain operations.Here is the content list:Introduction of bulletp
  • 2023-09-11

    Bulletproof performance and development trend of Bulletproof helmet
    Bulletproof performance and development trend of Bulletproof helmetIn modern high-tech local wars, soldiers will face much more serious war injuries than now, and combat Bulletproof helmets have become the most basic combat equipment necessary for soldiers. On the battlefield where shrapnel flies,
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