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ALIDA Launches New military Bulletproof Vest With complete coverage protection
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ALIDA Launches New military Bulletproof Vest With complete coverage protection

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New requirements of protection From This industry leader

Guangzhou, China, August 6, 2018 — ALIDA is proud to announce the release of its army Bulletproof Vest. These days’s launch of this new product is really worth massive celebrations for this leading chinese manufacturer and distributor of high-performance body armor solutions. Their flagship is a army bulletproof vest  with complete insurance safety stage IIIA. It meets and even exceeds the NIJ 0106.01 widespread for frame armors.

In recent times, army tactical vests and army bulletproof vests are used by troops and law enforcement officers in combat. ALIDA army Bulletproof Vest is a degree IIIA safety vest which can provide advanced full insurance safety without sacrificing its capability. It has a watch-fascinating and secure 360-degree MOLLE (Modular lightweight Load-carrying device) design. It additionally comes with detachable shoulders, collars, throats, biceps, groins, and kidney/decrease back protections.

Furthermore, army bulletproof vests from this leading frame armor producer are padded with a "spacer" mesh on the inside to make certain the maximum cooling. At the out of doors, they're designed to be ready with a cummerbund machine composed via adjustable bungee cords. Those may be opened on every side for an clean donning and elimination. Similarly, a couple of sizing points on the shoulders and waist permit customers to nice-song the first-rate match for his or her vest.

"The navy bulletproof vest we released nowadays represents the subsequent evolution of regulation enforcement system, and that is what security should feel like," said Xianxue Ke, the founding father of ALIDA. "Our armor generation not best effects in existence-saving materials, but can produce enterprise-leading, high-performant, and lightweight fabric for those who defend us. It is a milestone for us, and it is also a groundbreaking product for this enterprise and its cease-users who depend upon those life-saving protective answers. "


On account that its basis in 2016, ALIDA has been one of the main suppliers of tactical body armor systems. The corporation’s important product line consists of tactical navy device, tour & out of doors surviving equipment and baggage. Similarly to those varieties of equipment, ALIDA can customise ballistic merchandise based on the consumer’s needs. Lead by way of its excellent merchandise and high-quality customer support, ALIDA has extended its worldwide income network to u.S.A., Russia, Germany, France, and to numerous different nations all over the global.

For more information: https:// militaryarm .com/

Contact Information: factory@alidacn.com

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