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Tactical Backpack 55L + 10L #B040
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Tactical Backpack 55L + 10L #B040

Can be made of:
• Cordura 1000D

Size: 55x36x28cm (as requested)
Weight: 1.3 kg
Capacity: 55L & 10L
Color: as requested
Our base model can be made of your individual design.
  • B040

  • MilitaryArm®


Tactical Backpack #B040

Design your backpack, design your style.

Outdoor Adventures:

   Adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts rely on the tactical backpack for extended trips into the wilderness.
   The backpack's spacious compartments offer sufficient room for camping gear, clothing, food supplies, and navigation tools.
   Its water-resistant properties and reinforced stitching protect belongings from the elements, ensuring durability and longevity.
   The backpack's MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system allows users to attach additional pouches or accessories, increasing storage capacity and customization options.

Emergency Preparedness:

   The tactical backpack serves as an essential component of emergency preparedness kits.
   It enables individuals or organizations to store and transport emergency supplies such as water, food rations, first aid kits, and emergency radios.
   The backpack's rugged construction and padded straps facilitate comfortable carrying during evacuations or rescue missions.
   Its high-visibility features, such as reflective strips or bright colors, aid in locating individuals during search and rescue operations.

Can be constructed from:

  • Cordura1000D

Size: 55x36x28cm (as requested)

Bag: 38x17x15 cm

Weight: 1.3 kg

Capacity: 55L & 10L

Supply Ability: 5000 pieces per month

Lead time:

Quantity (pieces): 1 - 2000 / 15 days

Quantity (pieces): 2001 - 5000 / 30 days  

Lead time (days): 15-30. To be negotiated

Logo customization: min. order of 100 pieces

Graphic customization: min. order of 100 pieces

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