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Tactical Gloves #VV102
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Tactical Gloves #VV102

Covering the back of the hand with a stretchy material that provides a very good action to the hand. The fastener on the straight consists of a solid and reliable Velcro and TRP (Thermal Plastic Rubber) material.

Materials: Spandex + Lycra + Clarino
2-Way Stretch Spandex
Weight: 80g
Colour: as requested

Universal, highly functional gloves designed to provide basic mechanical protection in all conditions. Gloves model VV102 are a very good choice for people who appreciate light, comfortable and well-protecting gloves.
  • VV102
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 Tactical Gloves #VV102

Made and crafted to withstand the toughest conditions and jobs. The VV102 action gloves are versatile and standard of performance. The instep, from the root to the site, made of a synthetic leather medicine that ensures increased mechanical strength and water and oil resistance while maintaining operability and good grip.


Materials: Spandex + Lycra + Clarino

Add: 2-Way Stretch Spandex

Weight: 80g

Colour: as requested


The upper part of the gloves is made of breathable, lightweight Form-fitting material that reduces hand sweating. Durable synthetic leather, from which the gripping part is sewn, provides a strong grip and control of sensation, and also allows you to operate touchscreen devices without having to take off your gloves. The thumb and index finger have been reinforced with an additional layer of material.


The cuff is fastened with a strap made of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber - thermoplastic rubber in accordance with EN 13594) with Velcro.


Gloves model VV102 are perfect for survival expeditions, work in a car workshop, DIY, airsoft or paintball game. VV102 gloves are also eagerly used by operators of special units.


The gloves meet the EN388-3121X protective standard in terms of mechanical resistance, which means:

  • 3: abrasion resistance (on a scale of 0-4)

  • 1: cut resistance (on a scale of 0-5)

  • 2: tear resistance (on a scale of 0-4)

  • 1: puncture resistance (on a scale of 0-4).

Supply Ability: 5 000 pieces per month

Lead time:

Quantity (pieces): 1 – 1000 / 15 days

Quantity (pieces): 1001 – 5 000 / 30 days  

Lead time (days): 15-30. To be negotiated

Logo customization: min. order of 50 pieces

Graphic customization: min. order of 50 pieces



Each offered product can be adapted to the customer's needs.

Material design, color, and size depending on customer requirements.

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