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Chest Rig #DL-Y107
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Chest Rig #DL-Y107

A tactical vest is designed for airsoft players but can also be an exciting proposition for security services. Made based on a robust and airy mesh, it gives us high comfort of use by letting moisture from the body to the outside. In addition, this construction makes the vest very light. You can also put other tactical equipment, a hydration reservoir, or a backpack on it.

Material: Oxford Fabric 600D
Weight: 870 g
Color: as requested

Model designed and manufactured for the market in Denmark, one of the most popular.
  • DL-Y107
  • MilitaryArm®

Chest Rig #DL-Y107

The vest is fastened with a zipper at the front. Adjustment is possible in both planes - in height using Velcro tapes on the shoulders and in width using nylon straps on the side.


Material: Oxford Fabric 600D

Weight: 870 g

Color: as requested


A well-thought-out number and arrangement of pockets and pouches make the equipment placed in them easily and intuitively accessible.

On the front of the vest, two pouches on the right side can hold M16/M4 magazines or Kalashnikov system magazines. Above them, at chest height, there is a medium pocket with sewn-on velcro, which allows you to attach additional equipment, name tags, or blood type tags. Inside the pocket, there are three rubber loops sewn on, allowing you to carry small equipment stably without the possibility of its movement during movement. Above the pocket, there is a special rubber-like material. It is used to support the stock of long guns while aiming.


✅ Universal design.

✅ Inner pocket with Velcro-fastened insert for two AK / AR magazines.

✅ Side inside pocket with insert for two pistol magazines.

The left side of the vest is a pistol holster for medium-sized pistols and a pouch for other pistol or long weapon magazines. Above, at chest height, two pockets can hold, for example, stun grenades, a multitool, or a tactical flashlight.

On the back, there are tapes that strengthen the structure of the vest.

All pockets are fastened with Velcro tapes, which allows you to adjust the fastening depending on the size of the item in the pouch/pocket.


Supply Ability: 2000 pieces per month

Lead time:

Quantity (pieces): 1 - 1000 / 15 days

Quantity (pieces): 1001- 2000/ 30 days  

Lead time (days): 15-30. To be negotiated


Logo customization: min. order of 200 pieces

Graphic customization: min. order of 200 pieces


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