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Military Vest #VT-8254
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Military Vest #VT-8254

Module Balistic System #VT-8254 for higher protection. 
Material: 1000 D Nylon 
Plate carriers can be combined with side protection plates (level IV+ according to NIJ 0101.04) and additional protectors (level IIIA according to NIJ 0101.04). 
Ballistic protection in level IIIA 
• weight of the vest is 1,8 kg 
• protected area is min. 18 dm2 
• thickness of light ballistic panel is 5,5 mm
Ballistic protection in level IV + according to NIJ 0101.04 for: 
• .30-06 AP Armour Piercing NIJ level IV 0101.04 Test Amunition 
• 7,62 x 54 RBZ 
• 7,62 x 39 API BZ 
• 7,62 x 51 M61 AP 
• 5,45 x 39 AP 
• 5,56 x 45 SS109
  • VT-8254

  • MilitaryArm®

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Military Vest #VT-8254
Full protection combat vest 

Material: Nylon 1000 D
Shoulder straps: Nylon 1000 D
Weight: about 1800g
Color: as requested


·       Molle loop system at the front and back, as well as on the side straps

·       the vest can be opened entirely at the front with three large, strong Velcro fasteners

·       Wear-resisting & not easy to fade

·       front and back plate ceramic levels III and IV can be used

·       breathable & decompression shoulder pad

·       breathable 3D air mash


·       Neck protection baffle (removable) 

·       Arm protection (removable) 

·       Adjustable waist range 

·       Adjustable shoulder strap

·       Front pocket (ballistic webbing ear for the mag) 

·       laser cut system of Molle



Supply Ability: 2000 pieces per month

Lead time:

Quantity (pieces): 1 - 1000 / 15 days

Quantity (pieces): 5001 - 2000 / 30 days  

Lead time (days): 15-30. To be negotiated


Logo customization: min. order of 200 pieces

Graphic customization: min. order of 200 pieces

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